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Welcome to Omnipotent

Omnipotent is an Illuminati PVE Cabal in The Secret World.
We aim to offer our members Nightmares, Raids, Dungeons and other fun activities.We are a casual Cabal and hope to get a good mix of mature players all over Europe.

This is not a Hardcore Cabal! Keep looking...
In Real Life (IRL) always comes first. you play when you have the time! Remember that family, work, school and friends always has presidency.

We would like for you to be 20+ as this is a mature Cabal.
  Luneliel: anyone still alive ?
  Luneliel: same here take a break from TSW i will come back in april maybe
  Fraggle: i have taken a small break from tsw atm will be back soon.
  Stormare: Hello ! I feel a little alone for quite a while
  Ginie "AmeSecrete" Dumas: Happy New Year from Fance
  Fraggle: happy new year everyone.!! Thx for this year.
  Rav-malkh: Happy New Year
  Ginie "AmeSecrete" Dumas: Merry Christmas to sweden home of santa claus!
  Irena ''eReika'' Skyes: Its a bit late, but Merry Christmas everyone~ also i will come online later this day :3
  Rav-malkh: Merry Christams everybody!!!
  Fraggle: Merry Christmas to all
  TheSheriff: Sup! been a while since i where in here now How is the guild going?
  Feebz: Hey guys, gonna try too come back and play some more See u in game xD
  Lyket: Hello guys, I just want you to know that i won't be online for some times because of exams, i will try to be with you as much as possible ( no no no i didn't copy/paste eReika )
  Irena ''eReika'' Skyes: Heya, i just wanted to let you know i wont be online so often for some time thanks to the moving, i will try to be online as much as possible.
  Khaeredan: Hey everyone! Just a quick message to tell you I'm still alive \o/ (if someone cares). I'm in holidays (at home), but TSW isn't the kind of game you can play all day long. But I'll be back soon!
  Sulpher: Pics or it didn't happen !
  Fraggle: I would like to thank everyone that was raiding yesterday. Rly good job everyone:)
  Fraggle: Event with signups are up for the raid sunday september 22. Time is set to 20.00 Cet can be changed.
  TKofSweden: Girlfriend arrived from Italy today. Untill the 11th July my online time will be very limited
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